Fedora is linux based operating system and developed by the community-supported fedora project, is the flexible, modular, open source repository platform with native linked.

Creating the Fedora on Virtual Machine

  1. Open Virtualbox and press the blue “New” button to start making Fedora image.
  2. In the “Name” box,Enter any name.
  3. In the Type Dropdown, select Linux.
  4. In the “Version” select “Fedora (64-bit)” and hit next button.
  5. Adjust the memory to howmuch you want and hit next.
  6. Leave that “Create a virtual disk now” and click on create button.
  7. Keep” VDI “and click next
  8. Keep the option “Dynamically allocate” and goto next button
  9. Select the file size how much space you want for file manager(os+my computer) and click ok.Then you will see turn off option at left side panel.

Configuring the Fedora 25 beta Live image

  1. Right click on that box and select settings of fedora.
  2. Go to System Processor tab, Add a CPU or two.
  3. Under the storage options Select “CD”option.
  4. Click on the CD icon to the right of the Optical drive. Here you have to add fedora live image(.iso) file which you already downloaded ,Select that fedora live image and open it there.
  1. Go to Network and change NAT to Bridged adapter. Sometimes it won’t work ,Under advanced settings you should see a mac address.
  2. Hit ok to get out of the settings.

Installing Fedora 25 beta Live image

  • Click on start it loads and click on live image.
  • Select language which you want and click on next
  • Click on install.
  • Select the only local standard disk.
  • Click Begin Installation
  • Create root password and select “make user as administrator”.

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  • after finishing installation quit it.
  • click on Shut down fedora image.