There are 3 ways to solve windows can’t format or unable to format this drive error, you can follow any of the given ways to fix your external storage device Unable to Format pen drive.

1)To Fix Unable to Format pen drive Problem.

1)Connect the pendrive to your computer
2)Press win+R and type CMD and press enter. It will open  Command Prompt.
3)In that command Prompt window type “Format X:/FAT32 quick”, replace X with your pen drive or External HDD drive letter.
4)your pen drive will start formatting.
If still you’re getting problem, Then follow next Method

2)To Fix Unable to Format pen drive Problem
1) Connect the pendrive to your computer.

2)Press win+R and type “compmgmt.msc” and press enter. It will open a computer management window.
3) Now click on Disk management from left pane, Now it shows all your drive details connected to Pc.
4) Select your drive in which you’re getting probelm and then Right click on your pen drive,select will format your pen drive, In case If both the above methods are not working try this method also.

3)To Fix Unable to Format pen drive Problem.

1) Plug in your pen drive into your computer.
2) Insert windows installation disk and reboot your computer.
3) Enter any key and proceed with the installation, at a particular point of time, It will give you a option like “Format Your PC”. Press enter key and proceed with it.
4) After that, Windows will find all your hard disk partitions, pen drive will also appear on screen.
5) Now, Select Pen drive and then press “Delete” key to format your pen drive.
Almost each and every time, the above methods will format your pen drive, which is suffering from unable to format or cannot format the drive error. If none of the above methods are working for you, then most probably your pen drive is hardware faulty.