Final fantasy XV video game released worldwide on November 29, 2016 and sold 5 Million copies its first day alone. When your open the game –your simply moving towards fire after crossing that fire you will go to an Open world to freely explore.

Chapter1- Departure final fantasy XV

By pushing   your car you will reach Hammerhead after that walk around until you are interrupted by someone or something. Make your way to dinner .go to counter and talk to the guy you will notice some marked spots in the map then talk to vendor guy to the left of parking lot exit to trigger.

The mutant marauder and Bloodhorn fight:

As you go towards the marker Ignis automatically you get suggestions, so take him up on the idea and head to the nearby campsite. You come across some fire energy make sure to absorb the fire Energy then automatically you will go to up level. After that have something so that you can get Some stat-boosts for that day.

Bloodhorn boss fight

Collect the mineral dust ,then head back towards the garage. In your way you will introduced to Hurricane via a brief cut-scene. When you make it back clidy will have a delivery for you to make.

Errand Prince

Head for longwythe after that talk to the motel manager, pop into the dinner  to gather a few more makers on your map, and then head to Galdin. Talk to stranger then head for the jetty. To get the up level reporter come to you with some offer and you need to accept it .A Gentlemen’s Agreement (fishing)

In these level you are going to unlock Kitty Catering Quest,  when to talk to cat along the jetty . here you get introduce to your favorite fishing. If you don’t want to do fishing jump into the car.


So how you know that where the fishing area is. you can fish in a specific area if there’s a little blue fish icon on your map near a body of water. If you’re running low on Gil, you can make extra cash by selling that fish.


Let’s know about final fantasy fishing , you can easily identify the areas of fishing with the help of map .Here is

the trick how you can find the fishing area .you can choose where to cast your line with the left thumb stick. Be sure that you should throw it in an populated area with rarer fish. the icon in the water itself will change color based on the rarity of the fish that occupy that area. When it changes from blue to gold, that means there’s an edible fish in that area. Use both the mini map and this indicator to make sure you’re casting your line in the right spot.if you throw your line in a area populated with fish, you will get an on-screen indication that fish is interested in your lure. To get the fish to bite, you can lightly tap the right trigger to make the lure bob through the water in a jerky motion, which will entice the fish. You can see where the fish is in the water, so that should help you know how much or how little to move the lure. If you get too far away, the music indicating that a fish is nearby will fade out and you’ll have to cast your line again.If you’re having trouble getting a fish to bite, make sure you have the right type of lure equipped. Each lure is suited to catch specific types of fish, so check to see if the lure you’re using corresponds to the type of fish that occupy that specific body of water.

III Tidings

When you go through the buildings and hills  you’ll come across some pockets of  armed resistance.  Reaching the top of  hill will bring the chapter 1 to a close.

Chapter 2

After the end of chapter 1 .you’ll start Chapter two of final fantasy XV and begin back at Hammerhead, allowing you to continue exploring the Leide region.


Go to garage and speak to Cid. Talk to him again to gain access to the Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic weapon modding side quest  and then head for the marker. When you reach Prarie Outpost talk to monica then travel on foot to the Tomb of the Wise by following the path north and then taking the narrow canyon on your left. Talk to Cor, then once you’ve collected the sword. Talk to him again and again to level up.

The power of kings

Retrace your steps and head towards the next marker in the map. When area opens out you’ll see large numbers of soldiers who can prove to be a pain. Here using a gun turren is advantage for you. When the area is clear move closer to the marker then you face Mechs, a pair of  MA veles. careful when you take them down as they’ll explode , They’re vulnerable to Lightning, Great Swords, and Swords, and should give you an opportunity to use a few Link attacks too.

Keycatrich Trench

To find the generator ,follow the cable on the floor. It wont lost, head into the room at north of the corridor to grab Ice essence,then find the small gap area in the rocks on the

East and squeeze through.

The room at the south contains a Goblin ambush, then go north and then take the western passage and open the doors on the north side at the far end. Deal with the Goblins then head east; a branching path to the north is another dead end, so keep moving east until you encounter Arachne.

Arachne boss battle

Declaration of war

Return to monica and talk to her ,then go to parking spot south east side of the marker. After your party you will split and you’ll be paired up with Cor. Follow the markers through the area and deal with the assorted snipers and axemen that block your path.

MA-X Cuirass boss battle

Now you have to face mech along with a number of enemies. Once you’re down to a single enemy take a moment to heal up if you need. The mech can take from full health to zero in matters of seconds so pay close attention to your health. Move in with a link attack or two. Repeat until its vanquished.chapter 3 will began from here.

Chapter 3-the sword

chapter 3 of final fantasy XV Fill the fuel in your car then move to first marker at an outpost which is inside Duscae. You can get a couple of interesting side-quests here- The professor’s Protégé frog location quest and Chocobo rentals but for these you have to complete Friends of a feather quest. Plan a party at Lestallum-head for that to meet up with Iris.

The Sword in the waterfall

Get back in the car and park your car then walk onto the bridge, step down and follow the path. There’s a huge snake –Midgardsormr at the end, once your out of danger climb the slope towards the cave entrance.

Glacial Grotto

Pay very close attention to your map. Shortcut route to your goal, dungeon is something of a warren and simple to get lost in, and it’s too easy to slip off an edge during battle and become disorientated or have to backtrack. Head up the icy slope until you come across a group of Flans . one of your Royal weapons is perhaps the most useful for you in battle, prepare for battle with some Imps at the bottom. Follow the path until you another icy slide and face the Arachne at the bottom.

Mind flayers and Ronin boss Battles

Ronin is not very strong to daggers, swords and Royal swords,  due to his location it’s easy to fall off the ledge into the area below, so if you do find yourself knocked out of the area try to use a Warp Strike to return to the fray as it’s a long walk back. Once ronin is out. You’ll be facing off against a handful of Imps, three mindflayers and some Flans ,once room is clearGo to north west side to collect another weapon then return to the entrance.

Chapter 4- Trial of Titan boss battle

Titan will throw you around a bit. At that time follow Gladio up the path dodging the Titan’s attacks. To escape go down into lower area and climb other side and prepare for QTE-style fighting.

Once you completed, get ready play chapter5.

Chapter5-the naga boss battle

chapter5 of final fantasy XV We can easily face her attacks but the risk is with her green smoke she exhales.If she catch you cannot attack on her so be carefully play this level. Once you warn her. She lost her runstone and leave the cave. MA-X Maniple boss battle is a continuation of Chapter5, so make sure you complete Fociaugh Hollow first.

MA-X Maniple boss battle


There’s an MA-X Maniple here protecting it, and taking it out the mech by hand is a test of endurance so instead focus your attention on the generator. Once it’s destroyed you’ll be invited to summon Ramuh the Fulgarian who will destroy any remaining enemies with a single blow.

Head back to the car, drive to Lestallum, and talk to Iris to start chapter6 to continue the story.

Chapter6- Aranea boss battle


When you reach the marker you’ll be ambushed by Aranea. It’s very tough to attack her because she has no vulnerabilities and she has lot of power she can move very quickly another thing is protected by waves of Imperial guards so to attack her you first need focus on Imperial guards it l

  Chapter 7-Party of Three,Steyligg grove

As you drive you’ll encounter Imperial troops and MA Vales mech near roadblock and defeat them. After that pay attention to the map from here you have to reach the dirt road .dont travel to bridge.

To reach dirt road see in the Regalia’s navigation map in that you will find yellow mark. Make your way down the hill towards the vesperpool ,park the car near mark walk down to meet Ardyn follow him through the undergrowth  and then speak to Arenea .you can enter in nightfall only so kill some time to enter , do fishing or restocking. make your way down the long stairs  and take the exit to the left in the first room in second room you will notice some skeletons the turn left you see corridor.

See the right side ,onto a balcony inside a large room and head towards the marker-you will be attacked by some Crème Brulees they tougher than Flans along with few skeletons .go down again you have to face the some Crème Brulees after fight take upper walkways you’ll dropped to the floor. Again you have to fight with skeletons and Reapers. Once you defeat them take the exit on eastern side. Next room also filled with same enemies.