OUTLOOK EMAIL with this you may have several email accounts and server allows you to login one account at one time but now you can login with your multiple Microsoft OUTLOOK EMAIL account and no need to login separately for each email account.

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suppose you have two email accounts account A and account B. login with account A and lets see how to access the account B from account A , assume that both email accounts are on the same Exchange server

Organise your inbox. Simplify your life.

the features of Microsoft Outlook.

  • Sweep
  • Unsubscribe
  • Pin
  • Weather
  • Chat
  • OneDrive
  • Aliases

Organise automatically

Now you can delete multiple emails in seconds with its best feature called Sweep  another  good feature is also added to Microsoft outlook ,that is  manage rules by using manage rules you will be able to delete unwanted emails before it comes to your inbox.

Take OUTLOOK EMAIL anywhere

Microsoft outlook gives the superb email experience for your smartphone.


Microsoft Office OUTLOOK EMAIL 2010 and later versions

1.install the Microsoft outlook into your device then login with valid email(account B)address then you see the inbox

2.beside inbox there is a menu of info just click on it.

3.click on settings/account settings and then click the delegate Access.

4.you see an option called add in delegates tab , to add other account click on the add

5.fill or type  your new email address (account A) then click add.

6.among lists you click on the Editor(create, read and modify) in the permission dialog box window.

7.then click OK  two times.

8.then click OK  two times.

9.in the Navigation Pane click Folders in Outlook.

10.hit right click on your mail address at the top of the folder list after that click on folder permissions then click add.

11.hit right click on your mail address at the top of the folder list after that click on folder permissions then click add.

12.Select the email. Account suppose accout A ,click Add ,and then select OK.

13.at the name box, you have to click newly added entry for account A.

14.to select as owner in the permission box click owner and select ok.

15.repeat the same process for all other folders in mailbox.

16.Quit Outlook.

17.17after quitting restart your device and login with account A

18.Now start the outlook email.

19.On the Files menu, click Info.  select and Click on  Account Settings

20.Click on the name of account then click the change ion.

21.Click the More Settings button.

22.Click the Advanced tab.

23.Click Add to add an account.

24.Now type name for email account B and click OK two times.

25.Click Next, click Finish, and then click Close.



When you login into outlook you see account B in folder list. Now you are in account B by using account B you can send mails to contacts of account A and account A can send messages behalf of account B.  both account A and account B names will appear in messages.


Microsoft Office OUTLOOK EMAIL 2007

  1. login into Outlook e-mail with a profile that is configured for the Exchange Server mailbox for account B.
  2. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  3. you see Delegates tab, click Add.
  4. Type name for the user of account A, click Add, and then click OK.
  5. In all lists, click to select Editor you see this in delegate permission box
  6. Click OK two times.
  7. If menu is not appear then click view menu
  8. Right-click Mailbox – user name, and then click Properties for ‘Mailbox – user name on the shortcut menu.
  9. On the Permissions tab, click Add.
  10. Type the name of account A, click Add, and then click OK.
  11. click the newly added entry for account A.
  12. In the Permission Level box, click Owner, and then click OK.
  13. Repeat steps 8 through 12 for all the other folders in the mailbox.
  14. On the File menu, click Exit and Log Off.
  15. Restart Windows, then login as account A.
  16. Start Outlook email with account that is configured for the Exchange Server mailbox for account A.
  17. On the Tools menu, click Account Settings.
  18. select name of the account, after that click the Change icon.
  19. select Settings button.
  20. now select Advanced tab.
  21. click add to add an account to the Open these additional mailboxes: list.
  22. fill the name of account B, and then click OK three times.
  23. Click Next, click Finish, and then click Close.


Microsoft related technical issues:

Microsoft Outlook email Technical support number: 1-800-231-8174

24*7 online remote outlook technical support.

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