In this post I’m gonna explain about how to enable virtual technology or vm ware configuration in bios menu.

It’s a simple process just we need to follow some steps to make it. So let’s make it happen. I will give each and every steps with a screenshots of mine for better understanding

Virtual Technology configuration


While starting computer you might have seen the logo of the systems company and below that we can see the “press f2”. If you press f2 while booting it takes directly to the BIOS menu.

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Step 2:

Check the different kinds of system bios configuration options and figure it out the Intel R virtual technology


Step 3:

Select Intel (R) Virtualization technology with the help of function keys shown in the bottom corner and click Enter to select the option to enable using same function keys.




Step 4:

Press F10 to save and exit BIOS most of us forgot to save the setting

Step 5:

Restart and enjoy.

That’s it. Now Intel Virtualization technology is enabled.

I’ll share some other systems BIOS menu that I’ve found the main procedure is same but GUI is different. So I’m just giving the screenshots and refer above for any other information.



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