Access Android phone/tablet from computer remotely and securely without using any data cables. Manage SMS, files, photos and videos, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and more on computer.AirDroid for  pc Android replaces your USB cable for connecting to your PC, this is the good thing to everyone who don’t have USB cable.

AirDroid for pc is supposed to work on all  browsers,  when I tested it using Internet Explorer 9  terminating everytime. But when you switched  to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox,you don’t have problem with these.

How to install Airdroid for Pc??

Download Airdroid.apk for android here.

Install Airdroid on Playstore.

Download Airdroid for Pc Here.

  • And install it on your pc and start connecting with your mobile before that you must install airdroid app on your Airdroid for pc|techfeastpro


  • Signup your airdroid account ,if you have alrdy created airdroi account just login right now on both mobile and Pc with the same credentials.
  • Try to scan your Pc code from your mobile.

Download Airdroid for pc |techfeastpro


  • It shows connecting to your mobile now.

Now access your mobile phone through your Pc.

How to transfer files with Airdroid for Pc?

  • Connect your mobile with pc using airdroid app
  • And accepts all permission to allow your pc to access all your data on your mobile.

download Airdroid for pc|techfeastpro


  • Then it shows your mobile screen on your Airdroid for pc|techfeastpro
  • Now you can move your files from Pc to Mobile.
  • And mobile to pc with Airdroid app and Airdroid on pc.

Download Airdroid for Mac

  • Install apps on your mobile with pc,uninstall apps also without your touching mobile.

download airdroid for pc

  • After completed all your work on Airdroid,try to signout to secure your account.

download airdroid for pc

Now it’s time to replace your USB cable with web browser.If it wasn’t for charging no need to use USB cabe Airdroid for pc.Download and Enjoyyyy Without USB.You can download airdroid for pc on mac also.