If your’re not satisfied with your website hosting then you can migrate your website to Godaddy Hosting (bluehost,hostgator….etc) from another host, You have to take pointing your domain’s nameservers to Godaddy nameservers. This will direct your domain’s traffic here, and away from your previous web host. If you are read

If you purchased your domain from Godaddy, then you can manage it online by using the Domain Manager and going to the Name Servers tab.change godaddy nameservers

Steps to Change Godaddy Nameservers:

    1. 1.First Login to Your Godaddy Account by Clicking on Signin chage godaddy nameservers change nameservers godaddy change nameservers in cpanel change nameservers bluehost change nameservers namecheapChange godaddy nameserversChange godaddy nameservers
    2. How to Move WordPress Site to New Server or Host Without Downtime
  1. Enter Your Godaddy Username and Password.I’m using my details here or if you’re using with facebook then click on login with facebook.change Godaddy NameserversChange godaddy nameservers

change Godaddy nameservers

  1. See there are 3 items available now DOMAIN,WEB HOSTING,WORK SPACE EMAIL.Click on plus simbol which is beside(Left)to DOMAINS.change Godaddy Nameservers
    Change godaddy nameservers
  2. Click on Manage DNS.Change Godaddy NameserversChange godaddy nameservers
  3. You will see list of Records scroll down.Change Godaddy NameserversChange godaddy nameservers

Change Godaddy nameservers

  1. Here we got Nameservers section.Click on Change.Before clicking on change backup these nameservers for future usage.Change Godaddy NameserversChange godaddy nameservers
  2. Click on to get custom section.Change Godaddy NameserversChange godaddy nameservers
  3. Enter your Nameservers detials here then click on Save.Change Godaddy NameserversChange godaddy nameservers
  4. Then you’ll see the updated name server details Wait for few hours the updates will take process.

Change Godaddy nameservers.