Do you have a website hosted in some cheap server? Or do you wish to migrate your wordpress site to another server? there might be several reasons for you to do it but here is a tutorial to help you out with the best way to move wordpress site to a new server without any downtime. You do not have to worry about the redirection time of your domain nor you would lose your data if you follow this tutorial correctly. In the next few minutes we are going to show you how to move wordpress site to new server or host without downtime. Have a safe migration if you need one.

move wordpress site

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Before moving further I would like to state general reasons where we usually go for migration process. If you server is responding too slow inspite of the data you are maintaining and the traffic you are handling it’s time for you to move wordpress site to a new server. If you wish to upgrade your server to get better features, usually it happens to like we start our website with a shared hosting cheap plan for our first year where there is minimum traffic and when the number of visitors hits a big number it will be then a need to upgrade our hosting. Generally we prefer a VPS or a Dedicated server for more security and high performance but doing so will not be like just hitting an upgrade button. we select specified hosting providers for different hosting plans. In that analysis mostly we need to move our wordpress site to a hosting provider other than what we are currently using.

Before you start your migration we strongly recommend you to do research on various hosting companies who offer free migration services. Usually you can call up to the customer care number and they will assist you in this aspect. Most of the companies have toll free numbers for the same.

move wordpress site

But make sure to choose the best hosting provider in such a way that you don’t have to move your wordpress site again and this will be your permanent home for your website.

There are two traditional process to move wordpress site to another hostingn server. We will come to know about both in this tutorial. 


Method 1: Move wordpress site using a free wordpress plugin

Once you choose the hosting provider and bought the server we can start off the things. Assuming that a new hosting is bought, do not install WordPress. Also DO NOT redirect your old domain to this hosting. Traditionally we first change our nameservers and then redirect our hosting here.

But the moment you change your Nameservers you will face a downtime whose tenure depends on the hosting provider. So do not do domain redirection before you start to move your wordpress site.


STEP1: Install free Duplicator plugin for wordpress

Our first step is to install free Duplicator plugin which helps us to move our wordpress site to any hosting provider. There are other plugins available in the market but we recommend Duplicator as I use it with no issues faced. We also do not lose our previous standings and SEO rankings.



Once the Duplicator is installed go to packages, click on Create New button displayed on top right corner

Click on Next button and create the package with default options.

click on Archive only the database



Make sure your scan results return their status as good. Click on Build button and wait till the package is successfully build. It might take several minutes to be completed.


After the build process is completed you will have something called installer and Archive displayed. The archive is your wordpress site content and installer is for automating the process of installation for you in your new wordpress site. You need to download the two files (installer is a php file while Archive is archived in zip format).


Import your old wordpress site to new hosting

Now we are having the two required files for our wordpress website migration. Next step is uploading both the files in our new hosting. You can upload the files either by using FTP connection or you can directly upload the files through file manager which I haven’t observed any difference when done with a sample wordpress website of mine.

Here is a sample guide on how to upload files using FTP connection.

If you are using FTP connection upload the files remember you did not redirect your domain yet to the new wordpress hosting IP. So by default your content will be uploaded to your old wordpress site. You need to enter the IP address of your new wordpress hosting instead of your old domain so that your uploaded files are correctly directed to your new hosting server.

You need to upload the files to your root directory usually into public_html or public_html/ where will your domain.


If you have followed my instructions of not installing wordpress application your root directory would certainly be empty. 


change the hosts file to prevent Downtime



As you are already having installer.php file uploaded either by FTP or directly or through any other third party tools in your root directory you need to access it. It can be done using however you cannot do it in this case as your domain is not redirected yet. 


There will be a hosts file in your computer that maps domains to specific IP addresses. An entry of your domain name should be added so that it points to your new wordpress hosting server. Now can be access only through your computer however rest of the world can access you site through your old hosting. 


Click on Windows button and navigate through notepad, right click on it and opt for Run as Administrator. Navigate to  C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc Select hosts file and open it.


Mac users need to open terminal and use sudo nano /private/etc/hosts to edit hosts file.

Just add IP address space domain name ( Remember to rollback the changes after you successfully moved your old wordpress site to your new hosting.

Now try accessing Voila the process is ready to start.


WordPress database details

You need to enter the database details in order for the installer to start the process. So create a wordpress database through your cpanel. Remember username and password. update those when the installer prompts you for the same and test the connection.


After successful connection without errors scroll down, check on I have read all the warnings and notices click on Run Deployment. This process takes several minutes to complete depending on the content your are having in your wordpress site.

You will be asked to verify your old and new URLs just to make sure everything is fine. After successful completion of the migration you wil be displayed the below options where you can make sure everything is migrated correctly.



Now you can change the nameservers of your domain to finish off the task. With this you can successfull move wordpress site to any other hosting providers.

To know how to change name servers you can follow this article


Method 2: Move wordpress site by downloading content and database and upload manually


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