A Sikh man shot in us by an American man in the arm shouting to go back to your country. This incident took place in Seattle right after few weeks where an Indian Engineer was shot dead in kansas bar.

Sikh man shot in us

The victim is 39 year old working on his driveway in Seattle on Friday evening around 8 pm which is when a complete stranger approached him and arose an argument that lead to another hate crime. Intelligence reports say that the incidents of this kind are expected to be increased unless a serious action is taken.

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The victim is out of danger and have described the suspect as 6 ft tall white, hefty and stocky build, wearing a mask on his lower end of his face. Kent police started investigating on finding the person. They said to take this case as a serious thing since this kind of cases deprive the pride of Americans all over the world.
sikh men gathered after the incident


Kent police chief Ken Thomas said “some comments were made on effect of ‘get out of our country, go back to where you’re from’ after which the sikh man was shot.” The kent police have contacted FBI and other law enforcement agencies about the incident and are treating it as a very serious one.


America being a temporary home for many people from all around the world, every non- US guy/girl residing in US started living with caution without knowing what will happen in the next moment. They have their hearts in their hands while they had to go out of their home. hate crimes are bothering Indians a lot more than any other country man.

Sikh man resemblance to Muslims:

It is a sad thing that Americans least bother about the life styles of other country men and they couldn’t really differenciate between Sikhs and Muslims. Most of them take Sikhs as Muslims and it is already a serious threat to all the innocent Muslims living in different parts of US. The skih man being shot incident have provoked Sikh authorities living in USA.


Rajdeeph Singh the head of Sikh Coalition called on national leaders to make hate crime prevention on top priority.