Paytm used everywhere.Even in small shops also they are showing one notice like “Paytm accepted here”.we don’t have time to spend for paying bills,tickets,recharges.Now a days Every person using Paytm and every transaction done by paytm only .But in these demonetization days everyone using paytm by creating a new account in paytm and using for every online transactions(bills,recharges,bus tickets,flight tickets,movie tickets,shopping and all …).In this process everyone saving their paytm passwords and saving cards for faster check out.Here paytm hacked by hackers.This will help hackers to hack your account.

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Why Paytm Hacked and How Paytm hacked??

Paytm claims 35 million online recharges … This count tells us  every person using paytm right now….here the hackers are got an idea to hack paytm.If you want to buy or transaction any amount you have confirm it by paytm but the confirmation done by hackers right now upto yesterday and it shows some error like “paytm is not working”.This is the they hack your wallet also.

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How to use paytm safely!! Paytm safety tips !

Everyone want’s  to use safely in anything…Here we have some tips to use  paytm wallet safely.

(1)Don’t save paytm account passwords or Password remember.It is saved in your browser if you open any malicious sites,any unknown softwares (it’s been created by hackers) it tracks all your data in your browser.So don’t save paytm passwords.

Paytm hacked,How to use paytm safe.use paytm in safe mode.

(2)Don’t click on Save card .When you are proceed to pay amount it shows save this card for next time.So don’t click on save cards and don’t save card details on online payment sites it’s very easy for hackers to access all your data in your paytm account.

Paytm hacked,how to use paytm safely,how paytm is safe

(3)If you are already saved any cards then remove it immediately right now.It’s better to avoid paytm hacked.

How to transfer money from paytm wallet to bank account??How to transfer money from one bank to another bank using paytm??

  • Add money in your paytm wallet as much as you want by clicking on wallet and add money.
  • Login /Signup with your credits/details.
  • Click on paytm wallet/add money.

paytm hacked

  • Enter how much money you want on enter amount on paytm wallet.Then click on add money to paytm wallet.

paytm hacked

  • It shows to enter bank account details to add money from account to paytm wallet.Enter your details in which way you want like (debit card,credit card,net banking,atm).Check once again save this card for faster check out beware of hacked.

paytm hacked

  • Click on paynow….Then the amount is added to your paytm wallet.

How to transfer paytm wallet money to any bank ??

  • Click on paytm wallet.

paytm hacked

  • It shows send money on paytm wallet click on it.

paytm hacked

Here you have to download an app called paytm wallet and transfer money

Download paytm apps

  • There enter details to which bank account you have to transfer… and click on transfer.

How to use Redeem voucher on paytm??

  • After your successfull login to your account click on wallet.Previous images clearly explained it.
  • Then click on Redeem voucher and enter your promotion code to add money to wallet.
  • Then enter the code and get credited….Enjoy.

paytm hacked

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