The original New Nokia 3310 supported for two bands – 900MHZ and 1800MHz – on the GSM network, something that was fine for 2G connections. However,these frequencies are not active in many parts of the world, including the US and Canada. But, HMD Global didn’t think that these were important markets, and decided to support the old frequencies only.

Nokia 3310 is set to make a comeback with HMD Global bringing the handset to India in the next quarter

nokia 3310

A modern classic reimagined

  • Battery standby for up to a month
  • Four colors to choose from
  • Play the classic Snake
Nokia 3310 (2017)
Nokia 3310 (2017)

Display             Front Camera     Resolution  

2.40-inch                   No                   240×320 pixels

OS         Storage    Rear Camera     Battery Capacity

Series 30    16MB        2-megapixel             1200mAh


We Can do with the Nokia 3310

  • Phone calls: HMD claims the battery of the new Nokia 3310 offers about 22 hours of active use and about 744 hours -nearly a month on standby.
  • Photos and videos: Admittedly with an awful quality camera (2 MP with a LED flash). Don’t expect to use the Nokia 3310 as a camera replacement like you can with smartphones.
  • Send and receive SMS:It is avavilable nowadays on every mobile
  • Listen to radio FM it is avalable most mobiles
  • Listen to your own music: The Nokia 33110 has a built-in MP3 player, so you need a microSD card and add your music library with it. The Nokia 3310 also supports wireless via Bluetooth 3.0 like regular headphones with a 3.5mm jack and the battery is supposed to last 51 hours while listening music.
  • Calendar: it is useful for every person in his life.
  • Set up an alarm to wake you up and Reminders also
  • Check the weather in your city 
  • Make voice notes and written notes to remember your tasks: That involves using its keyboard…which I don’t recommend.
  • Use the calculator to count everything
  • Play games: there are a few games were installed on the phone, including a new version of Snake in new nokia 3310.
  • Browse the web: The Nokia 3310 comes with a version of Opera browser and it is very slow, because it only has support for 2.5G mobile networks. currently we are on 4G now and we are moving onto 5G next year.The only way to scroll is using the directional pad.
  • Nokia 3310 variant colours
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    We CAN’T do these with new Nokia 3310

    • Chat: You can’t install any modern messaging app. So forget about WhatsApp, Telegram,Instagram Snapchat,Facebook lite, Facebook Messenger and anything like them.
    • Social networks: If you’re trying to give up social media this is a perfect phone, because there are zero apps for accessing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others.
    • Navigate with GPS: Or use anything that has something to do with GPS, because it is not included in this phone.