Apple has released so many products with different types of features and styles but all are faded away with the new MacBook Pro which has unique looks and available in 13 ,15-inch options.

What’s new in New MacBook Pro?

Thinnest and Lightest

The new generation laptops are getting smaller and smarter day by day. We’re persons not the donkeys to carry the large weights and big ones. Now new MacBook Pro which is Thinnest, lightest Apple has ever released. New MacBook Pro is smaller than previous models.macbook pro|techfeastpro

More Touch Bar features

The main feature of new MacBook Pro is Touch Bar. It’s like a mini computer built right into the MacBook Pro. It’s a small retina display panel placed above the keyboard basically where the function keys placed.

macbook pro touchbar|techfeastpro

MegaSafe power port

Apple has announced that it goes back from Magsafe 2 power port to T- Connector style. They have removed HDMI port, SC cart slot and they shuttered the Thunderbolt 2 ports and mostly killed the standard USB port.

macbook pro megasafe power port|techfeastpro

Hardware specifications of  13 inch and 15 inch

The hardware specifications of 13 inch new MacBookPro are, it has dual core intel core i5 processor and turbo speed variation up to 3.1 GHz and coming to RAM it has 16 GB.

The hardware properties of 15 inch MacBookPro are it has intel i7 processer and its turbo speed  up to 3.5GHz and it has more ram upto 16GB.According to market news and apple official we can extend 16GB ram to 32GB from Apple Macbook pro .The storage of these macbook pro versions is up to 2TB . Both versions 13 and 15 inch macbook pro versions gives upto 10hrs Battery life.

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News (MacBook Pro) in the Market

In market both the 13 and 15 inch models are available now.

13 inch – $1,799/£1,749

15 inch -$2,399/£2,349

The most expensive MacBook Pro now costs £2,699. They will ship in 2-3 weeks from the announcement.