Google fun tricks, Everyone use google once in day and most of them know google as search engine but you can have fun while searching in google in different ways. To see those google magic tricks while searching to need to enter some keywords in search box, these are the shortcut keywords provided by google.

google fun tricks

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 List of Google fun tricks

  1. Pac man doodle
  2. do a barrel roll
  3. Tilt
  4. Zerg rush
  5. Atari Breakout
  6. Find chuck Norris I’m feeling lucky
  7. Beatbox
  8. Do the Harlem shake
  9. The game dinosaur
  10. Conway’s game of life
  11. The loch ness monster
  12. com/sky
  13. Google Guitar
  14. Google mirror
  15. blink(type in search box)

google zero gravity

type this word in google search box then you see some result searches among them you have to click the very first shown link as you click on it you see a cool trick try this now.


Do a barrel role

this trick is simple but amaze you for this all you need to do is open and type “barrel role” in google search box without quotations then click feeling lucky. you see a barrel roll of google page.

Zerg Rush

if you type this keyword in google search box then automatically fall zeros if zero hits the search then that search disappear and as you click on zero that zero disappear.

Google fun tricks:google pacman

type google pacman in google search box and click images now all images become a game try this.

compare foods

just type like this for example apple vs mango it shows the difference in apple and mango

Google Guitar

the google guitar doodle is developed by google on the 96th birthday of Les Paul.  Les Paul is musician and inventor try to make your own tone and have fun. the best feature of google guitar doodle is you can record what you have played in guitar also you can download that track