Yor’re searching internet,after your work completes clearing the browsing history,you think my data is deleted permenantly .But Your Google history search data records in google database.

Don’t worry the good news is …a new  dashboard introduce by  google called My Activity page  where you can see the entire data that google has collected from you (google history) and google collecting data (the google history)from two decades.

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The information google have about every search term you have typed into the google search. All the images you have viewed, every website you have visited.Is saved as google history in my activity page.

google history is useful ,because as a proof of data Google has stored on you . My activity page is useful for not only delete the past data.But also useful to prevent future collection.

What is the My Activity page in google history?

My Activity page is a  hub .in that hub we can see all the google history information that google has collected about you from the decades .to find the My Activity page you have to do is go to myactivity.google.com. (create an account to delete the history and to prevent the future collection of data) .after opening of My Activity page ,you will see activities you have performed on google products like Image search,Google Maps, google Playstore, Shopping, youtube (all the videos viewed by you)And even help and all which you have  typed in google search box.

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My activity page collects the google history data by default by date.by selecting a particular date You can see all the activities performed on that day.

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How is this different from the Web History tool and google history?

Web history tool (history shown in the browser ,just search history only) so its Not different anymore. But main difference is My Activity page shows all activity from variety of google products not only the search but image search and video Search also.

How does Google use this data?

Why google collects the history because google uses your data to improve its services like ,one reason is to know current traffic patterns and another to give more personalized experience.To read more uses google history goto privacy page.

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Does the My Activity page show all the data google history has collected on me?

No. The My Activity page shows data from a variety of Google products like drive,youtube , but not all of them. You can, however, find even more data that Google has collected by going to the My Activity page and clicking the menu icon in the upper left corner and going to Other Google activity. This page will direct you to even more Google trackers, such as your Google Maps location history (if you have an Android phone with GPS-enabled, this can get pretty freaky); information such as contacts, calendars and apps from your devices; Google Play Sound Search history; and any YouTube videos you clicked “Not Interested” on.

What can I delete?

  • To delete individual days google history data or all the google history data at once from the My Activity page, choose the item which you want to delete  and click the three dots next to it and after that click Delete  option (there is an option you can delete Your data for individual days also. To delete specific date google history Select Custom and entering two dates in the After and Before )

You can! On the My Activity page, click the menu button (three bars) and click Delete activity by. Under Delete by date, click the date and choose All time from the drop-down menu. Then click Delete.

How do I stop Google history from saving data in the first place?

Google is nice enough to give you some privacy settings right inside the My Activity page. Click the menu icon in the upper left corner and click Activity controls to see what types of activities you’re allowing Google to track.

Here, you’ll find modules for Web & App Activity, Location History, Device Information, Voice & Audio Activity, YouTube Search History, and YouTube Watch History. Next to each module you will see a toggle that you can turn off to prevent Google from saving that type of activity. You can also click Manage Activity to go to that product’s activity.

So becareful while searching surfing downloading from internet….Clear your history before it’s hacked….Any queries comment us…techfeastpro@gmail.com