Donald Trump the unexpected candidate with unexpected results has ruled out everything that came in his way

You raise an interesting question. Donald Trump the businessman thinks of India as a potential market– a place where he can locate a hotel or pursue a similar business opportunity.  Contrary to his persona as a politician, Trump the businessman doesn’t mind doing business in countries where the population are of another color or religious faith; he mainly cares about whether the project will be profitable.  There is absolutely no evidence he has negative attitudes about India. Like most businessmen and businesswomen competing in our global economy, he wants America to be successful, but he also sees the benefit of utilizing some of India’s growing educated workforce.

What does America President Donald Trump think of India?

Mr.Trump did not particularly targeted on any specific point on his strategy towards India.  It has rarely come up in his campaign rhetoric to this point.  As someone who has scored political points by demonizing religious minorities (Muslims) and ethnic minorities (Mexican-Americans), he has made little effort to rail against Indian-Americans, and yes, US has a quite an amount of India-Americans.  It is also predictable that there will come a time when it’s politically useful for him to target Indian-Americans, but so far, he has not.  Nor has he verbally attacked India itself.  On a wider context we can say that his foreign policy ideas are still in the process of formulation.  If he were, God forbid, the president, I believe his desire to cut good deals for the US would make him continue to forge positive ties with India.  But as someone who claims to be about protecting American jobs, I think he would try to walk the fine line between being pro-US while also living in the real world of globalization.  He would undoubtedly promote trade and commerce between the two countries, while not openly encouraging the shipping of more American jobs to India.

America President Donald Trump States won

  1. Pennsylvania (swing)
  2. Idaho
  3. Utah (swing)
  4. Wyoming
  5. North Dakota
  6. South Dakota
  7. Nebraska
  8. Kansas
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Texas
  11. Louisiana
  12. Arkansas
  13. Missouri
  14. Iowa (swing)
  15. Indiana
  16. Kentucky
  17. Tennessee
  18. West Virginia
  19. Mississippi
  20. Alabama
  21. Georgia
  22. Florida (swing)
  23. North Carolina (swing)
  24. South Carolina
  25. Ohio (swing)

America President Donald Trump

Donald Trump/Net worth
3.7 billion USD

 Donald Trump on Google

Unwavering support of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Get serious about prosecuting violent criminals. Get gang members and drug dealers off the street to make our cities and communities safer. Empower law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves. Expand mental health programs keep the violent mentally ill off of our streets.
 Trump on immigration
Restore integrity to our immigration system by prioritizing the interests of Americans first. Enforce our immigration laws – at the border and at the workplace. Build a border wall and end sanctuary cities. Send criminal aliens home. Welcome those who embrace our way of life, but keep out immigrants and refugees who don’t through rigorous vetting.

donald trump on taxes

Cut business rate to 15 percent. Reduce individual rates to three brackets of 12, 25, and 33 percent, with a 0 percent rate for many. Add above-the-line deduction for childcare costs, including for stay-at-home parents.
 Donald Trump  say that he would “eliminate job-killing regulations” and “have massive tax reform and simplification.”
In terms of taxes,  Donald Trump has said, “I know people making a tremendous amount of money and paying virtually no taxes, and I think it’s unfair.”

Donald Trump

conceded, “I try and pay as little tax as possible, because I hate what they do with my tax money. I hate the way they spend our money.”

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