BHIM app
After banning of 500 and 1000 rupees notes in India, The BHIM app is launched by prime minister of India to make cashless transactions. BHIM app is not a wallet like Paytm or Freecharge but it is somewhat similar to this e-wallet apps.

In all the wallets first we need to add the money from our bank account to wallet and then we have to use that money from the wallet. Main disappointed thing wallets are they don’t allow to transfer for money directly to your account.Let’s see how BHIM app is different from other leading wallets.

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Paytm vs BHIM app

      • To do the cashless transactions from paytm first you need to add the money from your bank account.(means this wallet is not directly connected with your bank account).

      • Coming to BHIM app here you no need to add account to this BHIM app all you need to do is just register with your mobile number (make sure that number should be same which is linked with bank account number and BHIM app registration mobile numbers). Once your registration done you will be having direct access to your bank account so that you can pay or send directly from your bank account.
      • Second difference is, Paytm charges some amount for its transactions and BHIM wallet don’t charge any kind of charges from you for your transactions.
      • Third difference, with the BHIM mobile app you can use more than one bank account at one time to make your payments and this is one of the best feature of Bhim application
      • Fourth difference Paytm need internet connection to use it, in some situations we face problems due to poor internet connection but in the case of BHIM application no need of internet connection you can use it without internet.
      • Fith difference is Bhim app is developed by NCI, nci is approved by Reserve bank of India. Paytm is created by some Noida company.