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whatsapp web

 History of  WhatsApp and WhatsApp web -2009-2014 WhatsApp web was started in 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Action and they are worked in the same company called Yahoo, they left the job in 2009 and they applied for jobs at Facebook but they were rejected.For the rest of the following years Koum relied on his [...]

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Brie Bella becomes mom

Brie Bella becomes mom One of the greatest divas of all time who gained a lot of fans Brie Bella becomes mom. Brie bella was up on instagram on May 11 Thursday with the pic of her new born cute daughter along with Daniel. "Can't even express the love I feel for her [...]

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BB-TAN and CC-TAN android game

BB-TAN is a Simple and superb game, Now let’s see how to play this game. Put your figure on the screen.Then swipe your finger down move your finger to make an angle after making an angle release your finger it automatically throws the balls and break bricks.Easy to play this BB-TAN. BB-TAN by 111% [...]

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