BB-TAN is a Simple and superb game, Now let’s see how to play this game. Put your figure on the screen.Then swipe your finger down move your finger to make an angle after making an angle release your finger it automatically throws the balls and break bricks.Easy to play this BB-TAN.

BB-TAN by 111%

Game Features:

  • Unlock most of the  balls, some simple balls, including some unique ball, some super mini ball.
  • Ask your friends to play with the GooglePlay and challenge your friends.
  • BB-TAN is Easy and challenging and it has 100stages.
  • Colorful User Interface and sound effects really gives good feel of playing
  • “BB-TAN is Simple and Addictive game.”

BB-TAN, in this game balls will bounce. if bricks hits the bottom of the screen then game will be over. To get more balls you have to hit the plus symbol as well as bricks to unlock other levels of bb-tan , the minus symbol if you hit this symbol a straight lined salvo of balls. In upcoming stages by hitting minus symbol that fire vertical and horizontal lasers its helps us to destroy more bricks at single fire. You feel amazing when you play this game.


Spin your elephant around in all directions and fire down to the blocks which are coming from all the sides!
make sure to adjust the angle before you fire..

Features of CC-TAN:

  • Unlock 45 balls including some simple balls, some unique balls and some super mini balls.
  • Give Challenge to your friends with from the GooglePlay support.
  • It’s like CC-TAN is brother of BB-TAN.