Express your creativity with piZap.apk application it is free and very easy to use. You are downloading piZap Photo Editor & Collage Latest piZap.apk is a photo editor and collage photo maker app. color full and vibrant features you won’t found any where and unique collage layouts ever. highly creative and have thousands of color full stickers. 200 fonts, glowing and bubble fonts.with piZap image editing app you can decorate your photos with many effects because it has two hundred awesome fonts . this app also has text bubbles and text effects


 New features of piZap.apk:


New improved user interface
Improved graphics
Fixed User Interface scaling problems for several devices


piZap.apk application has many colorful and vibrant filters and some special filters you can only find in Pizap application, these special filters you don’t find in any other photo editing app and another special thing in these application is unique collage layouts like hearts, rectangle, circles and mixed shapes.

Thousands of fun,colorful stickers. No application has more stickers than piZap. Pizap.apk application has 70 awesome font and glow text, and text bubbles. Quickly edit the photos you take with your ipad or mobile device. Edit your photos and share with your friends or post in social media like facebook, whatsup, instagram or Twitter.

piZap is the FUN photo editor and collagemaker.

– Colorful, vibrant filters that you won’t find anywhereelse.
– Unique collage layouts like hearts and mixed shapes.
– Thousands of fun, colorful stickers. Nobody has more stickersthan piZap!
– 200 awesome fonts, glow text, and text bubbles.

Be creative! Have fun! Let’s see what you can do